Flying to Croatia


These days I am attending the IWINETC 2013 in Croatia. For those who enter the blog and don’t understand catalan or spanish, here you have my bio 🙂

My name is Ruth Troyano Puig and I am an experienced journalist specialist in wine tourism. I am relatively new in this area, which I discovered after several years working at a radio station and in a press office of the public sector. I have a master’s degree in wine tourism (Rovira i Virgili University-University of La Rioja) and I am currently studying a wine tasting professional course in the URV.

I am working as a communication and wine tourism consultant in the winery Cooperativa of Falset Marçà and in the Hotel Hostal Sport, both located in the Priorat wine region. I am also collaborating with, a start-up which sells catalan wine online.

Our world is very changeable, even more this sector, and learning is a duty. For this reason, I attend the IWINETC 2013 in Zagreb, where I want to meet people and discover wine tourism experiences. I write this blog in catalan, my native tongue, but there is a translator at the bottom of the page.

My level of English is as a half full glass of wine, but I promise to fill it soon.

More information:


Photo from In your pocket.

  1. Ruth, em trec el barret! no em deixaràs mai de sorprendre… m’encantes!

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